Discover Your Potential Beyond Sport

Athletes Soul is a non-profit organization founded and run by former athletes. Our mission is to support athletes as they transition away from sports, raise awareness about the unique challenges of athletic retirement, and encourage athletes to explore avenue beyond their athletic careers. Our organization offers a wide range of resources including educational services, peer mentoring, transition coaching, and networking opportunities. These services are available to athletes at every stage of their career, from pre-retirement to post-retirement, and come at absolutely no cost to the athletes.

Athletes Soul operates independently from sporting organizations, ensuring that our focus remains solely on serving the best interests of the athletes we support. We understand athletic retirement as a multidimensional event and approach it with a holistic perspective. We view the transition away from sports as an opportunity for athletes to reinvent themselves and apply the incredible skills they have developed in their athletic careers to new fields and endeavors.

Athletes Soul welcomes athletes from all sports, levels, and backgrounds. We invite you to visit our website to learn more about our organization and encourage you to sign up for our free athlete membership. Join us at Athletes Soul as we work together to support athletes in their journey beyond sports.


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