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Emily's Alumni Story

Alumni Love Alumni Direct!

"Today’s social media platforms have become about likes and follows and not based on genuine interaction between people. Alumni Direct provides a platform based on authentic connections and a great resource to raise your game in quality networking. It takes the noise and distraction out of social media and connects not just social people but also more people that generally are not active on social media."
Christopher Salem
Prosperity Coach
"A great alternative to the dizzying choices of social media channels available! Very simple to use and the perfect way to stay in touch with the many friends and connections I've made in my career."
Bruce Bateman
Bluegreen Corporation

How Can Alumni Direct Benefit You?

  1. Fill out your profile – let fellow alumni know who you are, where you’re from and when you graduated.
  2. Find your College/University Alumni Community Centre and join today.
  3. If you don’t see your community centre, fill out the form and we will get you set up.
  1. As a member of Alumni Direct you get instant access to discounts and savings in your area and online. Simply click on the “Perks” tab to browse your benefits.
  2. It is great to be an Early Adapter and Trailblazer because you get to try out all the perks and be part of something special!
  1. Community is key! We believe we can attract like-minded, powerful individuals just like you to this platform. But we need your help. Bring in your group friends and make it your own!
  2. Create your own group within your college/university community centre to keep up to date with certain Alumni groups.
  1. You can use Alumni Direct as an amazing networking tool without all the noise that other social platforms create. Network with each other through messaging and activity feeds.
  2. Bring people to your events by creating and posting alumni networking events in your area.
  3. Hunt for the perfect candidate or BE the perfect candidate for a job posting. Post jobs or look for jobs utilizing your affinity relationship with your fellow alumni.
  4. Promote your businesses to a niche audience.
  5. Provide content about your college/university – ask us about vlogging for Alumni Direct.