The Best "No-Cost" Alumni Membership Ever!

Alumni Direct takes tremendous pride in the robust nature of our basic level membership. The cost of this membership plan is free and will remain that way for life! Premier members will immediately become eligible to enjoy a diverse selection of perks, values and discounts from our nationally branded purchasing program. This feature alone makes our Premier membership more valuable than most traditional alumni clubs. In fact, because of no monthly fees or dues, this membership would be an absolute enhancement to any alumni membership you may already have!


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Your Lifetime Value Promise... PREMIER PERKS!

Regular users of our Premier Perks plan can expect significant savings on a diverse selection of values and discounts in relevant consumer areas like retail shopping, travel & entertainment, consumer electronics and home services. The categories shown below are just a sample of the more than 300,000 national brand discounts available nationwide to all Alumni Direct members and their families.

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