Standardized Testing Could Be Put Aside Due to COVID

The SAT has been part of the college application process for nearly a century, as the standardized test was originally created in 1926.

Prospective college students have not only had to worry about the grades they received in the classroom, but also had to ace the aptitude test if they wanted a chance to attend whatever University they desired after high school.

This may change now however, as the pandemic could lead college admissions officers to look away from the all-mighty test score.

According to a panel of experts that took part in Newsday Live, colleges may be test-optional this year during their application process. This is because there is no guarantee that standardized tests like the SAT or the ACT will be widely accessible throughout the country.

Universities that decide to become test-optional will instead rely on other criteria for the admissions process, namely grades and extra curricular activities that have been completed throughout a student’s high school career.

With the advent of virtual education already becoming commonplace at institutions around the nation, every aspect of the college process is being altered in our COVID-based society.

School visits with crowded tour groups are being replaced with virtual tours. Interviews will be conducted via Zoom, rather than in-person meetings.

Meanwhile students have to chose where they want gain their higher education at a time where there has never been more uncertainty.

What will my college experience be like over the next few years?

What will the rules and regulations be until the Coronavirus waves have stopped?

Is it worth spending top dollar for my education at a major University now, when I could maybe earn an Associates degree in the short-term close to home, than look to finish my Bachelor’s degree later.

The decisions have never been tougher for prospective college students as there is no blueprint laid out for how to manage this new world. Still, there is also great opportunity for the ambitious student to separate themselves from the pack and capitalize on these unprecedented times.

As admissions officers can no longer rely on a test to tell them how smart a student is, their answers to questions on applications and in interviews will be more important than ever. The student that shows perseverance will be at an advantage, giving them the chance to prove how much they truly value their education.

Also through this time of upheaval, the Universities themselves are likely to learn a great deal about what has been wrong with their admissions process previously and this could create wholesale changes moving forward.

Maybe the SAT and ACT will no longer hold the same weight in the future, opening more doors for the hard-working student to earn the opportunities they deserve.

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