Rise of the Side Hustle and Gig Economy

We have entered a new era of employment with the rise of side hustlers. COVID has introduced a shift to our economy and created a ‘new normal’ — the pandemic economy. A shift that is changing individuals’ career paths and opening them up to new opportunities that they may have never been explored before. 

The gig economy has been around for decades now, however, during the last few years we have seen a rise in independent workers seeking freelance work and short-term gigs. Companies are aware of this trend and are hopping on the bandwagon by expanding their recruitment positions to remote roles where anyone in the world can apply. An avenue that brings variety, expertise, and fresh talent to a business while supporting freelancers’ skills. Statistics show that there are now 57 million gig workers in the US economy, accounting for 36% of all US workers, and here’s why:

Earn an extra income

Part-time hustlers can generate an extra income alongside their full-time careers to become financially free. It’s one of the main reasons why individuals initially begin a side hustle. A pleasant supplement to your full-time income, who wouldn’t be interested in earning a little more each month? Whether you choose to enjoy vacations and trips or put this extra income towards a savings fund, the gig economy is appealing as it can lead to financial freedom.

Learn a new skill

Expand your resume horizons. With an abundance of online courses, you can now learn from the comforts of your own home. Why not push yourself out of your comfort zone and enroll in an online course. From digital marketing to copywriting, the possibilities are endless. It can be something you enjoy or something new that may lead to other avenues of expansion and growth.

Be your own boss

Set your own schedule and working hours. An appealing factor of the gig economy is the flexibility that comes with it, you can often choose how much or how little you work. A great perk for individuals who enjoy their free time or for parents who prefer to work at home and spend quality time with their children. 

Work from anywhere in the world 

Connect with the community of digital nomads. It’s no secret that Millennials love to travel and explore the world. Side hustles have opened up opportunities to travel the world and work from anywhere. Freelancers and remote employees now have the chance to travel to another country and choose to live here whilst still earning an income. Pretty cool right? Side hostels welcome the freedom to live on your own terms. 

Open up the possibility of a career change

Thanks to our current technology, short-term gigs are in abundance with platforms offering jobs every day. Companies are listing remote positions that you may have never had the chance to work with before due to circumstances and now you have the chance to connect with businesses and brands worldwide. With advanced technology now it’s easier than ever to land your dream job online!

So, what are you waiting for? There is no time like the present. Take some time to research and choose the right side hustle for you and enjoy this new career path. Say goodbye to a generation of 9-5’s and hello to the beauty of side hustles! 


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