8 Productive Tips for Working From Home

Working from Home

In 2020, the world as we knew it drastically changed and employees around the world began a new life of working from home. With lockdown and social distancing in place due to Covid-19, many organizations had to shut their office doors meaning that employees would work remotely. Research shows that remote workers are 35% to 40% more productive than their in-office counterparts. While working from home certainly has its perks, this shift can also create feelings of stress, anxiety, and fear of the unknown. Finding that sweet spot between work and life is key. Here are 8 top tips for achieving a work-life balance to boost productivity:

Establish a Morning Routine

“How you wake up each day and your morning routine dramatically affects your levels of success in every single area of your life. Focused, productive, successful mornings generate focused, productive, successful days—which inevitably create a successful life” – Hal Elrod

You may already have a morning routine in place but if not, you should. This first tip is extremely powerful and can help you succeed in everyday life. By honoring some ‘you-time’ to yourself in the mornings to do the things that light you up before you begin your working day can have a huge positive impact on your mood and set you up for a day of success. Whether it’s making your favorite coffee, taking the dog for a walk, or spending moments in silence for meditation and yoga — whatever makes you feel most alive, do that. 

Stick to a Schedule 

Consistency is key. 

It takes 21 days to create a habit. If you have been in your career position for quite some time you will already have a routine in place, such as a 9-5 working day. Do your best to stick to this schedule even when working from home as this is what your body is used to. If you suddenly end up changing your schedule it can be more difficult to let go of if you then have to return to work at some point.

Take Advantage of Extra ‘Commute’ Time 

Now that you are working from home you may find that you have an extra hour or two in the day where you would have previously spent commuting. Use this time wisely! Time is the greatest gift, honor this. Take this time to do some personal tasks such as movement, self-development, or running errands so that you can have more time with your loved ones at weekends. 

Create a Clean Workspace

When working from home it can be easy to slip into lazy habits such as sitting on the couch or even working from bed! This is never going to end well and you will find it difficult to separate home from work if you combine the two. Set up a clean workspace in a quiet area so that mentally you can enter work mode when you arrive there. You can check out feng-shui for productivity in your home office. 

Set Boundaries with your Time and Energy

This one resonates with both personal and social boundaries. Choose a space where you will have zero distractions, away from others and tempting technology. Make it clear to others that are in your home that you are in work mode. Set clear rules to protect your boundaries and ensure you are still being your productive self while at home. 

Take Regular Breaks to Move Your Body

Breaks boost productivity! If you are working at a computer screen all day it’s important to take regular screen time breaks, even just 5-10 minutes every so often can make a difference! Also, if you have been sat at home all day make it your priority to integrate daily movement. The beauty of working from home is the flexibility that it comes with so if you can, step outside into the garden for fresh air or take a walk in nature. Regular breaks can leave us feeling refresh and reset so that we can return to work with a fresh mind and refueled body.

Stay Connected

While working from home we can often feel isolated and miss human interactions. Take care of your mental health by communicating with others. Stay in touch with your colleagues and arrange a weekly meet-up via zoom to keep things as ‘normal’ as they can be. 

Be Kind to Yourself

Transitioning into this new way of living can be challenging at times and difficult to adjust to so remember to always be kind to yourself.

We are all doing our best. 

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